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Why Choose Us?

Here at IOSchools, we strive to deliver quality, professionalism and innovative ideas. We have a strong team that comprises of diverse individuals that are all experts in their field. Anything from web development to UX design, from marketing strategies to content creation, IOSchools has the right the people to do the best work.



Let us help you create a visually appealing, yet seamless e-commerce website to serve your customers better.

Customize system

Have a business that allows your customers to customize their orders? Here at IOSchools, we can develop a customized system that will allow them to do just that.


Work with us to finetune your email marketing and tailor it to your business needs!

Tailored scripts

Allow us to help you develop custom scripts so that your e-commerce websites are interactive and user friendly according to your need.

Full range of services

We pride ourselves in being versatile and equipped with the know-how to tackle anything

Here is a full list of what we do

SEO optimization
Web development
Mobile app development
UX/UI design
Social media and email marketing

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Fully customisable

We understand that every business problem is unique and there is no one size fits all solution. Our team will work passionately to find the best answers for your specific situation.

We provide you with a team of hand-selected developers, marketers and designers that can help you achieve whatever you set out to do.

Why Choose Us?

Trust Worthy

Our team members are highly experienced in what they do!


We strive to create an environment that is comfortable for our employees and clients


We cover all bases of e-commerce development!


Work with us to come up with custom solutions to your business problems

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